Kotoma Community Association

Community Events

Welcome to our community events page. This page is allocated for all Liberian and African organizations, associations, or social clubs that are sponsoring or having an event and wanting to reach others in the community.
The goal of Kotoma community event program is to provide exciting arts and cultural events to members, residents and visitors. Many of these activities conveniently take place in Columbus, Ohio and other surrounding cities. Contact our site event coordinator, it is FREE to post your events on our events calendar. Let us help you spread the word to our members and people in the community. 

Kotoma invites you, your family and your friends to attend our community events that are also scheduled on the Columbus Community Events Calendar. Events scheduled on the calendar could include Movies in the Park, Camping in the Park, Concert Series, Teen Dances, Races Sports League, parties at different venues, funerals, and many others. Come out and experience a better quality of life and community through our top-notch public venues and Kotoma recreational environment.