Kotoma Community Association


Welcome to Kotoma Community Association, if it's your first time visiting our site, we would like to say thanks and hope you would choose to become a member of our association.

Kotoma Community Association believes that when we all work together as a community, it will bring about lasting personal and social changes to individuals as well as families. We want to serve, protect and build our communties to be strong. It is our focus that we invest our resources in our children, our health and everyone around us. That is why Kotoma exist.

Ask yourself,

  • Do you believe in having a strong community?
  • Do you want to be a part of an organization that serves your community?
  • Are you into sporting activities, soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, kickball, workouts, etc.. for a healthier lifestyle?
  • Do you like to mangle and go to different social events to meet and make new friends?
  • Do you like to help others?
  • Do you have skills that could help others?

If you have answered yes to one of the above questions, then Kotoma Community Association is an organization you would want to affiliate with.
Select the "Sign-In menu" to create an account to officially activate your membership! By creating an account and activating your free membership, you receive the great benefits of being a part of the Kotoma Community Association and most of all your community.  Our goal at Kotoma is to serve our community regardless of race, ethnicity, sex, or age.  Because we are family and community driven, most of our members are also members of other organizations in the community and we are proud of that.  We support our Liberians In Columbus Inc (LICI), The Oldtimer Association, and other smaller groups (Via, Kru, Grand Bassa, Sinoe, Lofa, etc.) in the community.  Kotoma has no intension to compete with other organizations in the community but rather help to enhance and facilitate the growth of better community bonding for our families.  Kotoma Community Association is your one stop to community building, sporting, and social club. We value our community, families, and most of all you as an individual.